Saturday, June 28, 2008

a trip to the ER

Our little knight has been busy slaying dragons and fighting bad guys this afternoon. He chose to tackle one of his enemies (aka - a pile of clothes mommy and daddy were sorting) and jumped with great determination on top of them, actually a bit too much determination. Not only did he take out the bad guy but he also took out an innocent bystander ( a chair). We quickly realized that our knight had been wounded and took him to the hospital. Because of the location of his "battle wound" they were able to use dermabond and tape to get it back together. He'll probably have a nice shiner show up tomorrow as well as a headache. After an ice pack, some Tylenol, and a sucker, he's back in the game and ready for action.

Yes, that is blood on his shirt - sorry.

He was obviously tired of pictures....too many other things to do!


nGogo said...

We mommies worry about those wounds on our little knights...but wow! what a battle scar! Those are topics for conversation as long as a man lives. ;-D

gina said...

What a tough cookie!