Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pet Rocks

The kids have been begging to do crafts this week and thanks to Jessi and Josiah's birthday gift to Simeon, we have a new book full of great ideas. So we sat down together and picked one out. We decided on painting a pet rock. We went on a rock hunt around our house to find ones that would make "good pets". After finding our rocks, I gave the kids a bucket full of soapy water and some rags to clean them up a little. We put them in the sun to dry and took some time to play swords while we waited :).

As you can see, we have a cowboy-wanna-be knight on our hands. Or is it knight-wanna-be cowboy? Either way, he loves his swords, guns, and bow and arrows.

Back to the project!

The painting begins. Simeon decided to do a bug and Abbi chose a turtle. Opposite of what you would think. Me, being the good mom that I am, cut out stencils to help Abbi out a little. I insisted that she use them so it would look like a turtle. Abbi had other plans. I soon realized that I needed to put my OCD (I have no idea where Abbi gets it from:) aside and let her do it herself. After all, this is about creativity and fun, right?

Well, here you can see the first two pets. Cute, if I do say so myself.

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gina said...

so creative! Beautiful.