Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blast from the Past

Okay, so maybe that title is a little miss-leading. More like "reflections of the past year." I know, New Year's was about 3 weeks ago, but my anniversary of living on this earth was just this past week. I was encouraged to reflect on all that I have learned and have been blessed with over this past year. I must say that I learned a lot and I learned that I have a LOT to learn.

So I am going to give you short glimpses of this past year through words and photos. And please note: the photos may or may not correspond with whatever thought I may be writing about.

1. Dogs will be dogs. In fact, even after you give a dog a bath, he still smells like a dog! We love our puppy, Courage, very much but that is just what he is - a puppy. He loves to chew on things, scratch things, and even rip things! I must say that over all, he is a good puppy and he brings lots of smiles to this family.

2. Tacos are our friend! This meal has been used at least once a week. It suits our entire family and we get lots of nutrition from it.

3. A moment I hope I never forget - the look on my children's faces the first time they saw the beach!

4. And because I don't want to re-number my list - this is a great moment too, the only picture I have of all of my kids together at the beach.  (Mark and Simeon are in the water, even though it is hard to see.)

5. Needles Schmeedles! I must thank God for giving me strength and my husband patience! I do believe that I can honestly say that I received more needles in me during my 28th year than I have had in my first through 27th years combined!

6. Music is just wonderful. Pandora is a great aid in listening to music around here.

7. Microfiber is flammable.

8. You don't actually oink when you get the swine flu - it's more like a moo.

9. Loving the snowman in Kentucky - that's right, I said Kentucky not WV, and you can't excommunicate me from the family :).

10. Always tip your tour guide well, especially after having a minor panic attack in the cave.

11. I love, love, love the country!

12. I now know the true meaning of nit picking - and I really don't want to know it again. But if this should happen again, I will definitely turn to mayonnaise as my shampoo!

13. Bakerella is a yummy website for special desserts!

14. Time with God is a necessity not an option.

15. I love my family and am very thankful for them.