Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dust Bunnies

This at first was in response to Gina's cute post, however, I don't know if I would consider this cute or not. Actually, it is quite embarrassing. After seeing this dear little foot print, I was reminded that my spring cleaning was interrupted by a 3 week sickness. I cleaned all of the rooms on the main floor except for a few hidden away spots that never see the light of day. Namely, under my bed. I forgot about cleaning and moved on to other projects. It took a little boy playing hide and seek to remind me that my work is not over. I love the little feet and will miss them when they are all grown up. The dust will not be missed.


HoLLi DaViS said...

That is so cute, Jena! :-) You are so right.... they will be growing up soon, and you will be longing to clean up the rug.... Thanks for the reminder!

gina said...

Classic!! I love this. What a great post. I am with you...I'm sure there are dark, dusty corners of my house just waiting to be discovered by some unsuspecting child. Maybe today!