Monday, March 31, 2008

our children

All of the kids are growing up very quickly. After holding a brand new baby this weekend, I realized that even Abraham is growing faster than I thought. So I just thought I would give a short update on each of the kids for those of you who can not be here to experience their daily activites.

Simeon will be 4 in May and is very excited about it! He can recognize his Alphabet and write most of them. He is still learning their sounds but I must say, that is coming along quickly too thanks to a Leap Frog DVD that Shelly let us borrow! He is big on being the "protector" right now and loves helping his brother and sister. He is always asking questions and trying to figure out how things work. I do believe he is on the go from the moment his feet hit the floor in the morning until his head hits his pillow at night.

Abbi is quickly turning from our baby girl into a young lady. Her vocabulary is always increasing and her sentences are getting longer. She too can recognize some of her letters and is learning their sounds very quickly. She loves talking on the phone, getting her nails painted and wearing shoes - everyone's shoes! (Thanks Josiah for the great pictures of Abbi.)

Abraham is now 3 1/2 months and enjoying life. He is a very happy baby and loves to watch his big brother and sister. He loves attention and will be glad to talk to you for a while. He can sit in his "activity bouncy seat" and tries to reach for the toys. He makes lots of "oohs" and "ahs" and can mimic some faces as well. If you stick your tongue out at him, he will stick his tongue out at you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What we have been up to...part 1

All of this spring weather has motivated us to get out and enjoy the sunshine. We decided to do this by planting grass seed. The kids helped Daddy rake the lawn, sprinkle the seed, and water the lawn.

A fun and...

exhausting day!


Just a few pics of the kids on Easter morning. We didn't get a family picture, sorry.

Abbi's painted toes - she is very proud of them and makes sure everyone knows about them!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Our BIG trip was cancelled last week due to fevers and throwing up. But we did get to take a quick trip to H-town. While there, we visited with friends and family, and the kids were "spoiled" everywhere we went! As you can see from the pics below, Aunt Cindy gave the kids giant marshmallows, which they completely enjoyed, and Abbi had so much fun that she completely wore herself out! It was a nice break from our normal activities and hopefully our BIG trip will be rescheduled soon!

Colorful Butterflies

I thought I would show you a cute craft that we did last week to welcome in spring. This kept my kids occupied for about an hour (and I enjoyed doing them too)!The supplies you will need are - coffee filters - markers - spray bottle with water - twisty ties or string.

Color one coffee filter with markers, making sure to cover most of the surface. Get creative and make pretty designs, but limit your colors. Too many different colors may lead to a brown butterfly.

Spray the filter with water until you see the colors blending. Hang or lay flat to dry.

After the filters are dry, pinch the middle together and tie off with a twisty tie. You can put two together or just use one. You can also use pipe cleaners and make flowers with these as well.

Happy coloring!