Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sleeping Soundly

We are now entering the days - or should I say nights - of somewhat peaceful rests. I know that many will say that we should have been there a long time ago; however, my strong-willed child seems to think differently. This time I am not talking about Simeon but Abigayle. For many nights she has been put to bed at a decent hour (or even later than decent hour) and has cried her eyes out. When Mark and I did not respond to the cries she then began doing all she could do to make herself throw up. After 3 or 4 nights of this, we got very tired of cleaning up "stuff" and changing sheets and clothing, so she would end up in our bed......a very restless night - or should I say nights.

Now we have a new story. She now understands the full meaning of the word "no" (if you get my jist) and the throwing up has ended. She does cry for just a little bit and then begins to moan herself to sleep in just a few minutes.

Now you might ask...."How does Simeon handle this?" Good question!

If Simeon is asleep, he stays asleep. Last night, though, he was awake. He began by telling Abbi to lay down and go to sleep and be quiet. When that plea did not work, he tried a new tactic. He got out of bed, grabbed a bear and threw it in her bed so she would have a bear like his (which his cousin Micayla got him and he sleeps with every night). Then he pulled the tail on the musical bear tied to her crib so she could have some music to sleep to. He loves his little sister so much!

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