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Monday, December 11, 2006
Away in a Manger
During lunch today I started singing songs so that Abbi would open her mouth with either delight or song and would allow me to put food in her mouth. When I finished singing Away in a Manger Simeon asked me why baby Jesus had to sleep in the hay. So I explained to him the best I could. He sat there for a few seconds when I was done explaining, and then with a very concerned look on his face he said, "I better go get a bed for baby Jesus so he not sleep on the hay anymore. We better go get one mommy." That touched my heart!

Toes... Current mood: silly
The other day as I was sweeping the floor, I brushed over Simeon's foot with the broom. He said,"Don't sweep up my toes" which led into a fun game where I chased him around the house and eventually swept his toes. I continued sweeping my floor and put my dirt in the dustpan, carried it to the trash and threw it away. As soon as the dirt hit the trashcan, Simeon ran to the trash crying his eyes out. He frantically tried to open the trash can lid and get in, the whole time yelling, "give it back, give it back!" I thought maybe i had thrown a toy away. So I asked him what was wrong. As tears streamed down his face he
replied, "Don't trow my toes away mommy, give dem back!" And as heartless as it sounds, I burst out in laughter. It is a good thing that laughter is contageous, because he then started laughing in between his tears. Once I calmed down, I had him look at his feet and count his toes. Once he relized they were all there he laughed and wanted me to sweep them up again.

Sunday, October 29, 2006
simeon again
These are few more quotes or stories of Simeon
"Daddy I sorry I kicked your daughter in the head"
After Abbi gave Simeon a BIG kiss, he replied, "Abbi taste me"
"I not want to see the church meeting corner anymore"
After begging to taste Abbi's baby food, he replied "please not make me like that" The flavor of the day was mixed peas, carrots, and green beans. Needless to say he doesn't want to eat Abbi's food anymore.
As I was walking through the door, Simeon was close behind me. I stopped without warning and he bumped me in the behind. In his most sincere voice he said, "Oh, I sorry butt, excuse me" I then went on to explain that you are to appolagize to the person not the body part.

Currently watching :
Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It? Release date: By 15 November, 2002

Monday, October 23, 2006
Funny quotes for the day
In response to me telling Simeon it might snow outside..."we can get our glubes and pick up the snow"
"Do you have junk in your mouth?" (junk = anything chocolate, particurally brownies)
"I did it on portant." (port = purpose;ant = accident) so what does he really mean? Hmmm
In the middle of daddy praying.."thank you for pappa and gramma, and uncle Ben, and uncle Sam 'and Bo, tank you for Uncle Bo' " (bo is a dog)
"Going tot he doctor to get a bandjo?" (bandjo = bandaid)
"Where my teeth brush go?"
"I missed you all day"
"Please not say me no, no, no"
Currently listening :
Clear to Venus By Andrew Peterson Release date: By 01 January, 2001

More details on "poop pipes"
So I am still trying to find out what exactly poop pipes are and I have been asking questions to see if can figure it out. I only got two questions answered and here they are.
1. What do poop pipes do? They burn you so you can't touch them, they're hot.
2. What does a poop pipe sound like? It goes like eerrrrrggggghhh (in a deep voice).
So I will continue by investigation and maybe one day figure it out.

Monday, October 16, 2006
I thought that I should mention that Abigayle is officially walking Yeah!! or should I say AAAGGGHHH, dangerous pair of siblings

Just a few quotes by Simeon for the day...
Abbi cries..I ask "Simeon, why is Abbi crying?" Simeon replies,"Oh I just hit Abbi on the head with a goose."
Abbi is sleeping...Simeon says,"Abbi's thunny, she snores like a dog"
"I sorry I obey you mama"
"I turned the heat on cause I hot, it's my job"

Simeon's distress call
I woke up to hear Simeon in his distressment saying,"Ohhh, I'm wet. My pants are wet and my basthket ball shirt is wet!" I asked him why he was all wet and in a disappointing voice he replied,"I pee, and pee, and pee, and pee!" I only hope that this will not be a sign of how my day will go.
Another comment from Simeon yesterday with dad..... walkin by two puddles of water near our church meeting Simeon points to the water and asks "What's that?" to which dad replies with "What is that?" Only to hear Simeon reply "Poop Pipes" We have no idea where he learned that, I'm sure some older cousins were to blame

Saturday, October 14, 2006
Another random Simeon comment
We are teaching Simeon the days of creation this week. We told him that on the third day God created land and vegetation, such as apple trees and pear trees. We asked him to see if he could name things that would fit in this catagory. His response was "apples, strawberries,... broccoli, celery, vegie tales." It was cute.

Abbi is now somewhat walking. Three to four steps at a time and then sits down. She tries it again and again...She is so proud of herself!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Random thoughts...
The other day I asked Simeon to do something for me. When he was done I said "Thank you", to which he replied "thank you." So then I explained to him that I was saying thank you and he was to reply "your welcome." So again I said "Thank you" to which he replied "I welcome."

We are still having our ups and downs with Simeon going to bed without crying or screaming at us. However the one tactic that seems to bring silence is when we shut his door at night when he screams at us. We tell him when he goes to bed that if he screams at us we will shut his door. So this week he has screamed at us twice. So we immediately go and shut his door, which brings an even louder, more feroucious scream. After a minute we will go in and tell him that if he will be quiet we will open the door, which brings immediate silence. All this to our Bible lesson time at night, Simeon has been learning Eph 6:1-3. So tonight he was telling us his Bible verse..."Children obey your parents in the Lord for if you not obey they'll shut the door."
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