Monday, February 19, 2007

Potty Training 101

As of bedtime last night, we have successfully finished one week of accident free potty training. Simeon's goal was to go 7 straight days without any accidents. He wore "big boy" underwear during the day and pull ups during the night. For each day that he did not have an accident he was allowed to put a sticker on his chart. Each sticker got him closer to the picture of a green sucker. So today we get to go pick out a green sucker of his choice. He is very excited and I am sure that he will tell everyone he knows about his accomplishment. His next goal is to get a piece of chewing gum. I told him that he could have gum when he no longer wears pull ups at all, which means "big boy" underwear through the night. That will be a bit more challenging. I am very proud of him and so is daddy! He is doing great through the day and even nap time!

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