Friday, October 3, 2008

Gettin' ready for fall

We got back from vacation in time for a birthday party. Can you guess the theme? You can read more about the party here.
Doing a little jig.

lovin' the camera

Our trip to the farmer's market on vacation inspired me to go to our local farmer's market. And guess what? Ours is small...notice that I am not even using quotation marks. It really is small. I was a little disappointed, but I did find one little treasure - a bag of peanuts. The whole family was excited about this. So, off we went to go home and roast peanuts.

You'll need 1-2 lbs of peanuts

1-2 T. of peanut oil

1-2 T. of kosher salt

And if you are like us, you might want a little more salt.

Rinse the peanuts and pat them dry. Coat them with oil and salt. Put them on a baking sheet and pop in the oven. Oven temp. should be 350 and cook about 20 minutes. Cool slightly and enjoy!

My kids asked if they could throw the shells on the floor. I think my answer went something like this - "ha, ha, hhha, hanha, gasp - NO" .

That didn't get their spirits down, they still enjoyed the peanuts for a very long time, and I got dinner done while they attempted cracking peanuts.


gina said...

so fun. too bad that would send us to the hospital if we tried it here. enjoy some more for us next time!

Josiah said...

I can't believe you didn't let them throw them on the floor!!! Just kidding. My Dad's answer would have been "not no... 'absolutely' not!"

I think your kids are beautiful.