Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's Activities

Today we made snowmen for our windows. I know we are little late in the season but it was still fun. I cut snowmen shapes out of brown paper and scarves and hats out of felt. Simeon and Abbi used a pencil sharpener to make crayon shaving. They arranged their shavings on wax paper and helped me iron the paper shut. I know the picture is a little dark but they are very pretty when the sun shines in.

After the above craft we turned into pirates. We drew a treasure map of our house, grabbed our swords and put on our accents. We followed the map through the house to a treasure of gobstoppers. The kids didn't expect to find a real treasure but were very pleased when they did.

I know the drawing is a bit on the bad side - but at least the kids could still read it ;)


gina said...

Look at you, bloggin' mama! You've been busy. I want to come to your looks like so much fun! I love the snowmen. They are so pretty, and I would love to listen in during story time. Thanks for the great updates!

Rebecca said...

Wow! I'm super impressed with your treasure map skills. It does sound you guys are having lots of fun! Definitely keep up the updates. I love reading all of these ideas to stock for future use!

Tara said...

JenaRae, you are so creative! Great ideas! Can't wait 'til Hannah is old enough to do fun crafts. (I just put a picture up on my blog yesterday of me trying to teach her to paint. She just wanted to eat the paintbrush!) Keep up the good work!