Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An evening of reading

Dragons and trolls and dwarves - oh my! Throw in a great story teller and two children eager to hear and you have made the recipe for our newest family tradition. We have always read to our children - that's not the "new" part, but we are now adding books that will encourage more imagination and reading/listening comprehension. We are using this time to read stories that will broaden their vocabulary and help them to think out of the box. Our first book of the season is The Hobbit by Tolkien. The first couple of days Mark was only able to get through 2 or 3 pages before the kids lost interest. Now Mark reads a chapter and Simeon still wants to hear more! Who can blame him for wanting more when you have a story teller like Daddy! Daddy uses so many voices and captures the mood so well that you feel as though you are part of the story too! Yes he is my husband - but I still have bragging rights and I think that Mark is one of the best story tellers ever! And for those of you who are concerned...we still read the kid books too!

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samuel said...

I can only imagine what Bilbo, Dwalin and Gollum sound like with Mark reading. Hooray for good books.