Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gifts Anyone?

So this is just something that has been on my mind, so I thought I would share. Mark and I are trying to get things done early this year since our holidays are going to be busy with the baby coming. That means we are trying to plan how we will use our time and our money. In other words, we would like to have all our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving :). The only problem is is coming up with gifts for certain people. I want our gifts to be meaningful and thoughtful but not wasteful. For some people I can think of 20 things I would love to buy them, but I am not sure if they already have it or maybe they have a greater need that I don't know about. Then there are those people who already have everything I could think of to buy them and then I end up buying them something useless. Anyways, all this to say that I want our gift buying to be meaningful but not done in vain. So if any of you have any wish lists on the web, such as Amazon or Walmart, please feel free to send them to me. This is not a guarantee that you will get what is on your list, but it will give me ideas and help me get to know you better.

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