Friday, July 27, 2007

Catching Up on Summer Part 1

So this summer has been very busy for our family. I will try to use mostly pictures to keep it interesting.

In May, Simeon turned 3. We had a bicycle themed birthday party which was his big birthday surprise. Everyone had a fun time except me (Jena) - I threw up the entire day and was on medicine during the party -medicine that knocked me out.

After Simeon's birthday we went to Lexington, KY for Mark's brother Ben's gratuation from UK.

The next weekend was Mother's Day.

For our 6th Anniversary this year, we decided to make a family weekend. We went to the Louisville Zoo with the kids and Gramma and Pappa Judd (Mark's parents) and Uncle Ben. We are not sure who was more excited about the trip, the kids or uncle Ben. Going to the Zoo probably was not the wisest thing to do during my first trimester of pregnancy. I threw up 4 times that day....however, the kids still had a great time and it was nice to have the extra help from the grandparents!

While in KY we also got a chance to visit Mark's grandparents in Beattyville. The kids had a great time there!

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Anthony said...

The Pictures look great. Glad to see everything is going so good for you guys. Let mark know I said hello.

Anthony Judd