Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year, New Goals

Now that you have read my reflections of this past year, I would like to include you in on some of my goals  for this year.  These are in no particular order and this list is incomplete, as I am sure I will think of new goals every day.

1.  Realize that life goes on without Mt. Dew.  Oh dear, I can't believe that I just wrote that, but it is something that is going to have to be learned this year. I want to be fit and healthy before I am thirty :). 

2.  And to help me out with the previous goal, I will be drinking lots of water - at least 32oz a day. Well, that's a lot for me - maybe not for the rest of you, but for me it is. If you have trouble drinking water, take a look at this.

3.  To do 1 craft with the kids per week.  I know, some of you do crafts every day and others only every once in a while. But I think that I can manage one a week. There are quite a few blogs that have great ideas and I will be adding them to my sidebar soon.Or you could just go to Gina's blog and look at her sidebar!

4.  To let the kids make one item in the kitchen per week.  I want them to be able to make roasted potatoes from start to finish with minimal hands-on help from me.  A different dish every week and I'll have 3 little chefs before you know it.

5. To be more organized and prepared.  If I want to do numbers 3 and 4 above successfully, then I am going to need to get organized - time and house! Here is a great idea just to get the ball rolling, and as I find more, I will post them. 

6.  To listen more and talk less. I know, that is kind of like an oxymoron after you read this whole long post. But hopefully these will be few and far between.

7.  To smile more.  Have you ever seen a picture taken where you were in the background (not the main focal point of the picture) and looked like life was just horrible?  Well I have, and it isn't a pretty sight.  I normally look like I could bite someone's head off. So I am going to try to change lines, here I come.

8.  Learn to sew.  The theme of my birthday this year was focused on sewing.  I received a rotary cutter, a clear quilt ruler, a cutting mat and a birthday cake with a picture of a needle, thread and quilt on it. I haven't always wanted to sew and have passed up many opportunities to learn (foolishness on my part)...but now that I have had a large brick thrown at me, I'm ready to roll, or should I say sew?

9.  Pray more.  It seems like during this past year I would find myself praying a lot....but mostly when I needed something, or was scared of what was to come.  I would like to set aside time everyday to pray and spend time with God.  I'm thinking a prayer journal would come in handy here.  I'm a list person and seem to do well when I have a list in front me, not to say that I'm just going to check off my prayer list so carelessly but to use it as a guide - so as not to get distracted. I think if I could write my prayers out that it just might help.

10.  To do 2 loads of laundry everyday - start to finish. I have no problems washing clothes or even folding them.  It's the "getting them out of the basket and into the drawers" part that I seem to have trouble with.

Well, that should do it for now.  This isn't a complete list, but it's a start. Hello 29!

On a side note - we need a good family picture with ALL of us in it at the same time. Maybe this will be goal number 11.


gina said...

inspiring! just call anytime you need motivation...i'll probably be needing it too! way to go, jena. way to put it in writing.

Jessi said...

Lovely, Jena! Thanks for the inspiration to pray. While prayer lists have become just lists for me in the past, they have also been great tools and guides for me. I think at this time in my life they would be extremely helpful in motivating me to actually do the hard work of praying. Thanks you for the encouragement.

Jamie B said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this and got to read it. # 1 reason I'm glad, to know someone else likes Mt. Dew # 2 reason I'm glad, to know that someone so incredibly quiet could possibly desire to be more quiet??? I don't understand! Now, I want to be quiet...yes, I really do, and many others around me want me to be quiet, too...but I just can't seem to make it happen!

So, you're gettin' closer to 30 now, how's that 29 been treatin' ya? ha, I hope it has been well, very well!