Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One last attempt...

So I thought I would just post one last blog for the year.  Nothing of importance, I'm just a little on the OCD side of life.  I can't stand to see every month have at least one blog post in it and then December have nothing.  So this will most likely be of no great revelations but it will make me feel better when I look at my own blog. Pathetic - I know.

The past month has been very busy for us, but then again who isn't it busy for?  We had Abraham's first birthday party, but good ol' mom (me -Jena) didn't use the camera.  So no blogging there, unless someone out there has pictures of it?!  I can say, though, that the birthday boy really wasn't up for the party - even his first cake experience didn't win him over.  He was somewhat cranky the whole time.  We found out Monday that he had an ear infection - which explained most of the crankiness.

We also did a lot of travelling for the holidays but again - no camera.  You would think that with my genes there would be a camera attached at my hip.  It sounds like a New Year's resolution - MORE PICTURES! 

With that I will wish you all a Happy New Year! Hopefully next year I will be able to fill in the gaps of my blog - Abe's party, more Proverbs and maybe some fun kid things!


gina said...

good thing we were there for some of it, so we have our own memories to go by! more pictures it is, my friend!

rebecca said...

Good to see one last update sneak in the door of 2008. We do have some pics which I will try to send you at some point over the next... year? :)

Thanks again for watching Luke for us.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2009! I will shoot you what I have from the party ASAP.

- josiah