Friday, April 11, 2008

A Tea Party

Last Saturday we went to a lovely tea party to celebrate my cousins 5th birthday. The kids put on their best party clothes as well as their best manners and set off to have a lovely day.

I must admit that Simeon does look like he belongs in a gangster/mob movie :). A great detective or is he the mob?

Abbi enjoyed getting dressed up, wearing her mother's pearls, and trying on all of the shoes!

And of course, I think even the other 2 men had a fun time too!

You can read more about the activities of the party over at working title.

Thanks for the lovely birthday party A5 and mommy, it was great.


Rebecca said...

These pictures are so cute! I love Simeon's outfit for the tea party. It's funny to look at Abe and realize that in just a few short months, that's where we'll be... Hopefully sleep comes a bit more easily, too. :)Keep up the updates!

gina said...

Oh, great pics Jena. Thanks for the updates. We had a lovely time as well. It was a good day.