Sunday, October 21, 2007

How do you get one of those?

As the four of us were sitting at the lunch table yesterday, Simeon looked at Mark and asked, "How do you get one of those?" while pointing at me (Mommy). Mark and I looked at each other with confusion and wonder and asked some clarifying questions. "What do you mean?" I asked, "Get what?". Simeon then asked, "How do you get a mommy?" Now I am really wondering where he is going with this (surely not the birds and bees?!?). He looks at Mark and asks him directly, "How did you get a mommy?" Mark then clarified the question by asking Simeon if he meant "How did I get a wife?" and that was where he was going. Then Mark explained the process of being friends, to being "friends" to becoming husband and wife (just the basics). Then Simeon looked at Mark while patting my arm and said, "I want one like that." Mark said, "Like Mommy?" "Ya." I never thought my 3 year old son could make me blush like that....a sweet memory.

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gina said...

oooh. want to squeeze him. thanks, jena, you made me smile.